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murphy n : an edible tuber native to South America; a staple food of Ireland [syn: potato, white potato, Irish potato, spud, tater]

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  1. An Irish surname, the Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Murchadha
  2. An occasional given name, for example of the television character Murphy Brown

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Murphy is an Anglicized version of two Irish surnames Ó Murchadha ("descendant of Murchadh"), and Mac Murchaidh ("son of Murchadh" ) derived from the Irish personal name Murchadh, which meant "sea-warrior" or "sea-battler". (Muir meaning "sea" and cath meaning "battle".) Mac Murchaidh is the more likely Irish root of the Murphy surname in the counties of Ulster, in particular, but not limited to, Armagh and Tyrone. The motto for Murphy is "Fortis et hospitalis," which means "Brave and hospitable".
Murphy is the most common Irish surname. In modern Irish "Ó Murchú", rather than "Ó Murchadha", is used.

Notable people with the name

  • Arthur Murphy, several people:
  • Dale Murphy, several people:
  • Evan Murphy (born 1980), American Academic afflicted by Murphy's Law since 1984
  • George Murphy (1902–1992, American dancer, actor, and Republican Senator
  • Isaac Murphy, several people:
  • Lambert Murphy (1885–?), American tenor, sang at the Metropolitan Opera
  • Larry Murphy (born 1961), Canadian retired professional ice hockey player
  • Marc Murphy (born 1987), Australian rules footballer
  • Oakes Murphy (1849 - 1908), Two-time Governor of Arizona Territory


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  • Murphys of Ireland website, featuring general information about the Murphy surname, including derivation and discussion of the major early Murchadha septs in Ireland.
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